Catering Services for Movie/Film

AARON’S CATERING movie/film division specializes in full service catering in movies, television, video, music, broadcast, motion picture, and events. We have the highest quality of food and service. We will do crew meals, second meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and food styling. We make it all happen on time without sacrificing quality.

 Vegetarians always feel welcome and meat lovers are in heaven. We provide special dietary requests for our clients who have needs for a few special prepared items. We understand that your crew must be happy and well-fed to maintain the required momentum. For this reason, our movie/film division provides the variety to keep your staff excited day after day without repeating the same old menus. We're constantly adding new menu items and cuisines to keep up with the changing tastes.

AARON’S CATERING will go the extra mile. Our servers are uniformed and have extensive experience in just this type of fast paced service. We will make your life that much easier. Being able to provide you and your staff with all the resources to make your location shoot a success. We not only provide the highest quality menu selections available, but make sure that all your hospitality and food service needs are taken care of. Our specialists can provide you and your staff with virtually unlimited resources and competitive pricing on all your needs. Equipment, knowledge, and experience is needed to handle any type of production having flexibility and situation key on saving production companies valuable shooting time and money.

Rental equipment, tents, trailers, power supply, you name it, no problem. Our staff will take complete care of your production crew and that’s why we pride ourselves on the quality of its food, its service and flexibility in handling any situation. We have the ability to cater for small and large projects, on or off sites with absolute professionalism and your specific needs in mind. However, first and foremost is our fulfillment of your food service and hospitality needs. We do it better than anyone else leaving you one less thing to worry about. We promise that we will strive to bring you a higher level of food and expertise in movie/film catering.