About Aaron’s Catering

AARON’S CATERING is a full service catering company providing innovative and out of the box presentations. Chef Brian Aaron brings food, art and science together to create an unbelievable experience along with an impeccable service and eye-candy staff.

Our team is very well known in the industry for creating the new trends and developing the most innovative food presentations using such techniques as modern and molecular gastronomy; changing the shape, size, form, temperature and texture of traditional dishes. With a staff that includes Molecular Lab Chefs, Executive Chefs, Sommeliers, Master Mixologists, Project Managers and many other professionals, we will make a full experience out of any catering.

AARON’S CATERING has been recognized as an industry leader and selected Catering Company of the Year in 2008 and in 2010 for Event Supplier of the Year by Event Solutions as Spotlight Award Finalist along with many other recognitions.

As the catering of choice for many of our clients, more than just serving amazing food, we provide a full service experience to your guests serving from one single meal to the King of Spain to 40,000 meals in two days.

Contact us for your next event and we will tailor it to your vision and surpass all your expectations. We look forward to working with you. Thank you for choosing AARON’S CATERING.